A Comparison
Between Vector
Art & JPEG

Vector Art Work
@ 300%

JPEG Image
@ 300%














Art Work Requirements

We have an in-house art department, equipped with the latest hardware & software.

For best results of your printed product, please send artwork in the
following manner.

Vector Artwork

  1. Save as .eps, .ai or .cdr.
  2. If you are sending Mac Files, save as Adobe Illustrator CS3 EPS.
  3. All fonts should be converted to outlines or curves.

Bitmap Artwork

  1. We do not recommend bitmaps unless they are black
    and white, very clean, 600dpi and saved as a tiff or bmp.

Camera Ready Artwork

  1. The image should be extremely clean.
    (If there are rough edges, faded sections, parts missing, etc.,
    these will show up in the print).
  2. Black and white.
  3. We do not recommend sending in artwork that has a gray tone
    as camera ready.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not recommend JPEG image (art work).
JPEG files are of very low resolution (72 dpi) and are meant to
be viewed on the internet. JPEGs can not be edited or broken
down to colour separate or resized without losing the resolution.

On the other hand a vector file can be easily resized, broken down or
edited and the art work will never lose it's high resolution.

We do offer a service where we can convert any JPEG art work to a
high resolution vector file for a fee.

Contact us for a quote on converting your JPEG art work to high resolution vector art work. Do not forget to attach the JPEG for the review.

Art Work Services We Offer Include:

  • Scanning B/W & Colour
  • Redraw Art Work
  • Raster to Vector Conversion
  • Film Separation
  • Die Making
  • Plate Making
  • Photo Manipulation
  • File Manipulation
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